Advanced Spectroscopy

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aces equipment

The JY HR800 Raman spectrometer is capable of performing Raman analysis with spatial resolution down to 1um and spectral resolution starting at 1.5 and down to 0.35 cm-1 . The system is equipped three lasers at 632,785 and 1064 nm with optical magnification of x10, x50 and x100. Significantly the imaging microscope is fully automated and capable of performing Raman mapping of surface as well as confocal depth profiling of transparent samples.


aces equipment FTIRFT-IR Microscopy:
The Shimadzu AIM8000 FT-IR spectrometer has been recently upgraded to include a microscope imaging capability capable of analysis spot areas down to 20 x 20 um in both reflection and transmission modes. In addition the facility is also capable of performing site specific ATR measurements with a 50 um germanium ATR attachment. In both cases the spectral signal can be directly correlated to the observed sample morphological features. Other experimental tools available with the facility include; KBr specular reflectance, fixed and variable angle diffusional reflectance (solid samples), standard Ge ATR (solids & liquids) and simple transmission.

aces equipment fluroFluorescence and Fluorescence Lifetime:
The JY Fluorolog 22 has been upgraded to extend the solution and solid-state capabilities out into the NIR and up to 1800nm. Additional fluorescence lifetime capabilities have been added with 200ps lifetime resolutions up to 780nm. A range of nanosecond pulse diode laser excitation sources have been acquired covering the 300-560nm range.

Capabilities are available to measure UV-vis-NIR spectra on solution and solid-state samples (diffuse specular reflectance) from 190 to 3200nm.

Last reviewed: 27 May, 2016