Bionics Equipment

Interested in the ACES Bionics Equipment? Contact A/Prof. Peter Innis

flow cytometerPC2 Cell Culture Facilities consist of 6 x Class II BSC, 2 x refrigerated centrifuge, -80 freezer, 2 x inverted fluorescence microscope (AxioVert, Zeiss and LED based Leica), upright semi-automated fluorescence microscope (AxioImager, Zeiss), SpectraMax190 plate reader, fluorescence plate reader (Omega, Molecular Devices), Flow cytometer (Accuri, BD) (pictured left), Clinical stimulators.

Molecular Facilities include agarose and SDS-PAGE electrophoresis equipment, NanoDrop, Experion, ChemiDoc, CFX96 Real-Time PCR machine, C1000 touch PCR machine.

PC2 Bacterial Facilities for the growth and testing of bacterial strains, with shaking and static incubators, centrifuges and spectrophotometer.

ACES confocalSpecialized Microscope Facility consists of Live imaging Confocal Microscope (Leica) (pictured right) along with paraffin sectioning and staining station.

These facilities contribute to the analysis and understanding of cellular interactions with the materials produced within the ACES. Specifically this equipment has been tailored to our needs to allow analysis of cell behaviour on opaque conducting surfaces, as well as within 3D structures, as we push towards the development of functional cellularized scaffolds.

Last reviewed: 27 May, 2016