Materials Fabrication Equipment

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CVD furnace Chemical Vapour Deposition Furnace
The CVD furnace is used for the synthesis of nanostructured carbons; specifically Graphene and Carbon Nanotube architectures. The furnace is also used for the reduction of a range of inorganic composites for use in electrochemical devices. The furnace has recently been upgraded to be capable of running under vacuum down to 1.0 mTorr, under Methane, Acetylene, Argon, Hydorgen and Ethylene.


Dip Pen Nanolithography
Dip Pen Lithography (DPN) is a nanofabrication technique that enables rapid manufacturing of devices requiring nanoscale structures and patterns. The technique is low cost, easy to use and has the ability to scale-up the manufacturing process to produce devices in large quantities. DPN operates using existing Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) technology by depositing a wide variety of chemicals and materials onto a surface via a sharp probe tip. The system has been used for nanoscale deposition and patterning of proteins, conducting polymers and metal inks.


Freeze Dryer
The freeze dryer is used to remove solvents from materials using the process of sublimation. The Christ Alpha 1-2 LDplus Freeze Dryer allows for individualised freeze drying programs to be developed and saved. The process involves a freezing stage followed by a drying stage. The system permits the development a program that can continuously run for 48 hrs or longer to ensure complete drying is achieved without further sample handling. In addition, this process has also been used to fabricate high porous polymeric scaffolds for use in the Bionics program.


Spray Dryer
Spray Drying is a unique method to convert a solution, suspension or emulsion into a solid powder in one single process step. It is a widely established process in many industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, chemical or material science. The Buchi Mini Spray Drier B-290 has been used to form drug loaded polymeric (PLGA and manitol) spheres for use in ACES Epilepsy research.


Last reviewed: 27 May, 2016