Microscopy Equipment

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Optical profilometer
The optical profilometer has been used to provide quantitative 3-D information on topography and dimensions for a wide range of thin films, including inkjet printed structures, electropolymerized films and patterned surfaces. The technique is attractive because it is quick, uses non-contact imaging and provides characterization over large surface areas.


Stylus profilometer
Used to determine the height and roughness of films in the range of 10’s nm to 100s um. Among other things this has been used to characterise films used in a wide variety of solar, water splitting and bionics applications.


AFM ACES equipmentAtomic Force Microscopy
Used for nanoscale resolution imaging of surfaces in air and liquid. Also measures nanoscale forces and interactions between surfaces. It is a versatile tool suitable for applications ranging from materials science through to biology. Our current systems combine high resolution AFM and optical information (e.g. fluorescence and confocal) for advanced characterisation, including nanometre lateral resolution imaging of living cells and single molecules, 3D force mapping of individual cell-surface receptors, characterisation of local materials properties and cell-adhesion measurements. Current AFM projects being undertaken include characterisation of graphene materials, dynamic properties of gel fibres, and force interactions between biomolecules/living cells and electrically stimulated organic conducting polymers.


The FESEM has been used in a number of applications requiring high resolution imaging and characterisation of carbon nanotube based architectures. These systems have a wide range of applications across many disciplines including water treatment, energy conversion and storage and biotechnology.


Last reviewed: 27 May, 2016