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To date, Professor G Wallace has supervised 94 PhD students to successful completion. Those who have graduated have gone on to take up positions in academia, government research organisations and high technology companies in the USA, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Iran and of course Australia.

YEAR 2014

Cathal O'Connell - "Novel strategies for depositing nanoelectrode materials using dip-pen nanolithography of liquid inks"
Seyed Mohammad (Shayan) Ziabari Seyedin - "Fabrication of conducting elastomeric composite fibres"
Mark Romano - "
Nanostructured electromaterials for thermal harvesting systems"
Yang Yang 

YEAR 2013

Dennis Antiohos - "Nanostructured Carbon Electrodes"
Amy Gelmi - "Probing Nanoscale Properties of Organic Conducting Polymer Interfaces using Atomic Force Microscopy"
Nuchalee Thipmonta - "Thermally sensitive conducting hydrogels"
Willo Grosse - "Controlled drug delivery from polypyrrole powered by enzymatic bioelectrodes"
Cameron Ferris

Year 2012

Bo Weng- "Inkjet Printing of Conducting Polymers"
Peter Sherrel- "Carbon Nanotube Architectures with Metallic Nanoparticles towards Energy Applications"
Adrian Gestos- "The Development of Electrospun Polymer Nanofibres and Measurement of their Individual Mechanical Properties with the Atomic Force Microscope"
Matthew Griffith- "Charge Generation and Recombination in Porphyrin Based Dye Sensitized Solar Cells"

Year 2011

Wen Zheng- "Analysis of High Performance Polypyrrole Actuators"
Sina Naficy- "Conductive Tough Hydrogels"
Shannon Little- "Improving the Performance Metrics of Enzymatic Biofuel Cells"
Dillip Kumar Panda- "Nanosctructured Organic Solar Cells"
Suriya Ounnunkad- "Carbon Nanotube Composite Architectures for use as Novel Electrodes"
Charles Mire- "Printing Conducting Polymer Structures on, and embedded in, Biopolymer Platforms"
Ben Mueller- "Chemically Converted Graphene Dispersions and Graphene Films"
Widsanusan Chartarrayawadee- "Novel Graphene Composite Materials"

Year 2010

Weimin Zhang - "Nanostructured Catalytic Electrodes for Fuel Catalytic Electrodes for Fuel Cells"
Robert Breukers - "Novel Polythophene Materials for Bionic Applications"
George Lee - "The Chemical Properties and Characterisation of Photomorphic Silver Nanoparticles and their Application as an Antimircobial Agent"
Grace Stevenson - "The Controlled Release of Dexamethasone from Polyterthiophene-based conducting polymers"
Alberto Granero Rodriguez - "Conducting Composite Fibres"
Troy Lowe - "Using Band Microelectrode Arrays to Investigate the Cut Edge and Bare Corrosion Behaviour of 55% A1-Zn Coated Steel"

Year 2009

Brianna Thompson- "The Controlled Release of Neurotrophic Proteins from the Conducting Polymer Polypyrrole to Improve the Nerve/Cochlear Implant Interface"
Javad Foroughi-"Development of Novel Nanostructured Conducting Polypyrrole Fibres"
Xiao Liu- "Effective Control of Cell Behaviour on Conducting Polymer"

Year 2008

Jennifer Halldorsson- "Fluid Movement using Conducting polymer devices"
Yong Liu - "Novel Nanostructured Electrodes"

Year 2007

Fatemeh Masdarolomoor- "Novel Nanostructured Conducting Polymer Systems based on Sulfonated Polyaniline"
Jan Magnus Gustavsson- "Corrosion Protection using Conducting Polymers"
Scott McGovern-"The development of embedded sensors to assess the fatigue response of adhesive joints in marine environments"
Jakub Mazurkiewicz - "Ionic Liquids (IL’s) as electrolytes for conjugated polymer systems"

Year 2006

Yanhze (Richard) Wu -'Sensors and Actuators for the Cochlear Implant using Inherently Conducting Polymers'
Orawan Nagamna- 'Synthesis, Characterisation and Application of Inherently Conducting Polymer Nanoparticles'
Vahid Mottaghitalab - ' Fibre processing of conducting polymers and carbon nanotube composites using wet spinning'

Year 2005

George Tsekouras- Electrochemical and Photovoltaic Properties of Poly(Thiophene)s
Binbin Xi- Novel Conducting Polymer Structures for Electrochemical Actuators
Yingpit Pornputtkul - Development of Chiral Conducting Polymers for Asymmetric Electrosynthesis.

Year 2004

David Reece -' Development of Conducting Polymers for Separations '
Gao Jin 'Jeffrey' - ' Conducting Polymer Sensors'
Jian Wu- 'Synthesis, Characterisation and Applications of Conducting Polymer Coated Textiles'
May Tahhan-' Carbon Nanotubes and Conducting Polymer Composites'

Year 2003

Mei Gao-'Electrochemistry of Aligned Carbon Nanotubes'
Jun Chen - 'Synthesis and Characterisation of Novel Conducting Polymers, and Their Application for Hydrogen Generation or Photovoltaic Devices'
Chinnarat Boonchu - 'Synthesis and Stereochemical Studies of Chiral Polyanilines'
Tuan Nguyen -'Design Development and Utilisation of Conducting Polymer Sensors'
Violeta Misoska - 'Novel Membrane Composite Structures Based on Conducting Electroactive Polymers'
Simon Moulton - 'Investigation of the Electrochemical Behaviour of Metal Electrodes in Biological Media'

Year 2001

Anton Dominis - 'Investigation of Polyaniline Emeraldine Salts for the Protection of Plain Carbon Steel'
Ekaterina Strounina - 'Synthesis and Characterisation of Chiral Substituted Polyanilines' 
Jie Ding - 'Separation and Recovery of Metal Ions using Conducting Polymers'
Roderick Shepherd - 'The Use of Conducting Polymer Sensors for Environmental Monitoring'
Charlotte Cutler - 'Electrochemical and Photoelectrochemical Studies of Functionalised Polythiophenes'
Andrew Minett - 'Electrochemical Detection of Microorganisms using Conducting Polymers'

Year 2000

Sandra Cram - 'Electrochemically Polymerised Acrylics as Adhesion Promoting Layers at a Metal/Polymer Interface'.
Jelders Davey - 'Synthesis and Characterisation of Novel Conducting Electroactive Polymers for Metal Ion Transport'
Toni Campbell - 'Development of a Biosensor for Determination of Human Blood Groups'

Year 1999

Ian Norris - 'Synthesis and Characterisation of Chiral Conducting Polymers' 
Vickie Aboutanos - 'Preparation and Characterisation of Novel Conducting Polymer Colloids' 
Byung Kim - 'The Synthesis and Characterisation of Hydrogel and Polypyrrole Blends' 

Year 1998

Daniela Ongarato - 'The Development of a Generic Electrochemical Sensing System for Ion Chromatography
Trevor Lewis - 'A Study of the Overoxidation of the Conducting Polymer Polypyrrole' 

Year 1997

Dezhi Zhou - 'Development of Conducting Polymer Membrane Structures for Protein and Gas Separation
Wen Lu - 'The Development of Conducting Polymer Based Sensors'
Syed Ashraf - 'Synthesis and Characterization of Chiral Monomers and Polymers' 

Year 1996

Parveen Akhtar - 'Conducting Polymer Electrodes for Electrochemical Detection of Amino Acids and Haloacetic Acids' 
Mir Majidi - 'Development and Application of Chiral Conducting Polymers' 

Year 1995

Reza Ansari - 'Thermal Studies of Conducting Electroactive Polymers'
Hawick Chriswanto - 'Chromatographic Studies on the Properties of Polypyrrole and Polyaniline'

Year 1994

Afshad Talaie - 'Electronic Properties of Novel Polypyrrole and Polyaniline Materials: A Resistometric Approach
Abdolreza Mirmohseni - 'Electro-Separations using Conducting Polymer Membranes'
Hossein Eisazadeh - 'Design and Production of Novel Conducting Polymer Colloids
Omowunmi Sadik - 'New Sensing Techniques using Conducting Electroactive Polymers' 

Year 1993

Huijun Zhao - 'Electrochemically Controlled Transport Across Conducting Electroactive Polypyrrole Membranes'
Mark Imisides - 'The Development of a Chemically-Modified Mercury Thin Film Electrode for Electroanalysis
Peter Teasdale - 'Characterization of the Chemical Properties of Polypyrrole and Polyaniline'
Peter Riley - 'Some Analytical Applications of Chemically Modified Electrodes'

Year 1992

Richard John - 'Electrochemical Studies of Heterocyclic Conducting Polymers'

Year 1991

Yuping Lin - 'Use of Conducting Polymers for Electrochemical Detection and On-Line Derivatisation

Year 1990

Joseph Barisci - 'Derivatisation and Electrochemical Detection in Flowing Solutions' 
Hailin Ge - 'Use of Conducting Polymers for Chromatography'

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