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Peter C. Innis

Assistant Director, Intelligent Polymer Research Institute
University of Wollongong
Manager, ANFF Materials Node

B.App.Sc (Hons) (UTS)
PhD Physical Sciences (UTS)

Research interests:
Dr Innis obtained his PhD (UTS) in 1997 in the field of electrochemical processing of conducting electroactive polymers (ICPs) by thesis entitled “A chemical investigation of continuous conducting polypyrrole synthesis with a view to industrial processing”. During this period significant experience was obtained in the area of electrochemical processing, process control and instrumental interfacing to digital systems. These studies produced a processing method capable of synthesising and maintaining the electrical and mechanical properties of the polypyrrole film by control of reaction parameters such as pH and monomer concentration throughout extended synthesis times.

Following this a post-doctoral position was taken up with the Intelligent Polymer Research Institute (IPRI) making studies into the electrochemical synthesis of conducting polymer colloids, namely polypyrrole and polyaniline, utilising electrohydrodynamic flow cell systems. The colloidal materials produced were water dispersed and have been used in studies as corrosion inhibitor systems and have been used in IPRI in sensor/electronic nose applications. From this work, the first reported formation of water dispersible chiral polyaniline, produced by electrochemical means, was reported effectively opening a new area of research within IPRI.

In 1999 a 3 year ARC APD Fellowship was awarded to study a project entitled “Electrochemical processing and process control system development for the production of water soluble conducting polymers”. This Fellowship developed a method for the controlled production of water-soluble ICPs providing an alternative route for solution casting of a ICP that at typically insoluble and not thermally processable.

An ARC Large grant jointly with Prof. L Kane-Maguire was also awarded in 2000 for a study into “Highly ordered polyaniline” as well as a five year Discovery program grant in 2002 to study “Organic electrofunctional materials: Novel conducting polymer and carbon nanotubes systems”. In 2003 he was awarded an ARC Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship to study “Light-Driven Chemistry with Nanostructured Polyaniline”.

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Last reviewed: 23 May, 2012