Senior Researchers

Associate professor Jun ChenJun Chen

Research Fellow, Intelligent Polymer Research Institute 

BSc Hons (Zhejiang University of Technology, China)
PhD Chemistry (UOW)

Research Interests:     

My doctoral studies dealt with the electrosynthesis of novel conducting polymers and their great potential application in energy conversion areas, such as hydrogen gas generation and photovoltaic devices. A range of novel conducting electroactive polymers had been synthesised and characterised in my PhD studies.

A new electrolytic cell system for hydrogen gas generation and a new solar cell system for photovoltaic applications had been devised.  Efficient photovoltaic coatings are being developed in collaboration with Massey University (New Zealand) and Newcastle University. Novel conducting polymers as hydrogen generator are being developed in collaboration with CSIRO (Division of Molecular Science). I have substantial experience in electrochemistry, conducting/multifunctional polymers, and solid-state devices, and have interests in sensors and ionic liquids.

Since 2004, I have undertaken fundamental studies into “Supported Molecular Catalysts for fuel cell applications.” This research has been supported by an ARC discovery project.  Recently we have developed our Novel Carbon Nanotube 3D Architectures for Electrochemical Devices and Bionics (Patent filed).  My major aim is to explore ‘The Synthesis and Charaterisation of novel Nanoelectromaterials in Catalytic and Bionic Applications’ with a collaboration of both internal and external research groups.

Synthesis and Characterisation of Carbon Nanotube based 3D Architectures 

  • Fuel Cell Applications including Cell Design and Catalytic Electrodes
  • Preparation of Nanostructured Electromaterials
  • Electrocatalysts and their application in electrochemical and bionic devices
  • Energy Storage and Energy Conversion 

Professional Memberships:

  • Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI).
  • American Electrochemical Society (AES).
  • Materials Research Society (MRS).
  • American Chemical Society (ACS).

Significant publications:

Direct Growth of Flexible Carbon Nanotube Electrodes. J. Chen, A.I. Minett, Y. Liu, C. Lynam, P. Sherrell, C. Wang, G.G. Wallace, Advanced Materials. 2008, 20, 566-570.

Flexible, Aligned Carbon Nanotube/Conducting Polymer Electrodes fro a Lithium-ion Battery.J. Chen, Y. Liu, A.I. Minett, C. Lynam, J. Wang, G.G. Wallace, Chemistry of Materials, 2007, 19(15), 3595.

An Efficient Bifunctional Electrocatalyst of Methanol Oxidation, J Chen, W. Zhang, Z. Dong, G.F. Swiegers, G.G. Wallace, Organometallics, 2007, 26, 4860.

Electrospun Fibers From Poly(styrene-b-isobutylene-b-styrene) (SIBS) Containing Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes.Y. Liu, K. Gilmore, J. Chen, V. Misoska, G.G. Wallace, Chemistry of Materials, 2007, 19, 2721.

A Readily-Prepared, Convergent, Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalyst. (Advanced article) J. Chen, W. Zhang, D.O. Officer, G.F. Swiegers, G.G. Wallace, Chemical Communications, 2007, 3353.

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Phone: +61 2 4221 3781

Last reviewed: 27 July, 2016