Senior Researchers

Dr Caiyun Wang Caiyun Wang 250 250

Senior Research Fellow, Intelligent Polymer Research Institute, University of Wollongong
ACES Energy Program

BSc, Shandong Normal University, China
MSc, Nankai University, China
PhD, University of Wollongong, Australia 

Research interests:

  • Wearable/flexible energy storage devices.
  • Stretchable electrodes, electrolyte and devices.
  • Implantable bioelectric cells.

Current Research:

My expertise is the design and development of organic conductor based materials (i.e. conducting polymers, graphene) for energy storage applications. My current research focuses on the development of high performance stretchable/wearable or implantable batteries/supercapacitors. The highlights of this work include publications in Advanced Materials, Advanced Energy Materials and Chemistry of Materials.

In 2009, we published the first report on graphene paper for battery applications in Chemistry of Materials. This work has attracted a large number of citations. Now we are developing robust porous graphene or graphene-conducting polymer composites paper.

Stretchable electrodes can maintain function under an extreme condition. We designed and developed the stretchable buckle-structured polypyrrole electrodes for biocompatible Mg-air batteries (published in Advanced Materials). Now we are expanding the research field from stretchable electrodes to electrolytes.

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Last reviewed: 21 July, 2014