Senior Researchers

Dr Patricia Hayes Dr Patricia Hayes


BSc (Hons) Universite du Maine, Les Mans, France
PhD (Organic Chemistry), Universite du Maine, Les Mans, France


Analytical Spectroscopy Facilitator (NMR manager/Technical officer)

Research interests:

  • Organic Synthesis/ Total Synthesis of Natural Products
  • Total Synthesis of Enantiomerically Pure Marine products and Insect Pheromones
  • Medicinal Chemistry/Drug delivery
  • Isolation/structure elucidation of natural products from medicinal and Australian plants.
  • Analytical and Preparative Enantioselective Chromatography.


Royal Australian Chemical Institute (MRACI)

5 key publications:

  1. Enzyme-Substrate Complementarity Governs Access to a Cationic Reaction Manifold in the P450BM3-Catalysed Oxidation of Cyclopropyl Fatty Acids. Cryle, Max J.; Hayes, Patricia Y.; De Voss, James J. Chemistry--A European Journal (2012), 18(50), 15994-15999
  2. Pimelotides A and B, Diterpenoid Ketal-Lactone Orthoesters with an Unprecedented Skeleton from Pimelea elongata. Hayes, Patricia Y.; Chow, Sharon; Somerville, Michael J.; De Voss, James J.; Fletcher, Mary T. Journal of Natural Products (2009), 72(12), 2081-2083.
  3. Polycationic lipophilic-core dendrons as penetration enhancers for the oral administration of low molecular weight heparin. Hayes, Patricia Y.; Ross, Benjamin P.; Thomas, Bradley G.; Toth, Istvan. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry (2006), 14(1), 143-152.
  4. Total Synthesis and Absolute Stereochemistry of Plakortone D. Hayes, Patricia Y.; Kitching,William. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2002), 124(33), 9718-9719.
  5. Synthesis and stereochemistry of some bicyclic γ-lactones from parasitic wasps (Hymenoptera: Braconidae). Utility of hydrolytic kinetic resolution of epoxides and palladium(II)-catalyzed hydroxycyclization-carbonylation-lactonization of Ene-diols Paddon-Jones, Gregory C.; McErlean, Christopher S. P.; Hayes, Patricia; Moore, Christopher J.; Konig, Wilfried A.; Kitching, William. Journal of Organic Chemistry (2001), 66(22), 7487-7495.

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