IPRI Publications


Journal Articles 2004

  1. Redox-active conducting polymers incorporating ferrocenes. 2. Preparation and characterization of polypyrroles containing propyl- and butyl-tethered [1.1]ferrocenophane. Swiegers, G.F., Chen, J., Too, C.O., Wallace, G.G. Electrochimica Acta 2004, 49 (5), 691-702.
  2. Enhancement of polymer electronics via surface states on highly doped polymeric anodes. Frohne, H., McNeill, C.R., Dastoor, P.C., Wallace, G.G. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 2004, 37, 165-170.
  3. Investigation of ionic liquids as electrolytes for carbon nanotube electrodes. Barisci, J.N., MacFarlane, D.R., Baughman, R.H., Wallace, G.G. Electrochemistry Communications 2004, 6, 22-27.
  4. Enhanced electrochemical stability of polyaniline in ionic liquids. Innis, P.C., Mazurkiewicz, J., Nguyen, T., MacFarlane, D., Wallace, G.G. Current Applied Physics 2004, 4, 389-393.
  5. Polymerisation and characterisation of conducting polyaniline nanoparticle dispersions. Moulton, S.E., Innis, P.C., Kane-Maguire, L.A.P., Ngamna, O., Wallace, G.G. Current Applied Physics 2004, 4, 402-406.
  6. Enhanced control and stability of polypyrrole electromechanical actuators. Spinks, G.M., Xi, B., Zhou, D., Troung, V.-T., Wallace, G.G. Synthetic Metals 2004, 140, 273-280.
  7. A readily-prepared electrocatalytic coating that is more active than platinum for hydrogen generation in 1 M strong acid. Chen, J., Huang, J., Swiegers, G.F., Too, C.O., Wallace, G.G. Chem. Commun. 2004, 308-309.
  8. Polypyrrole filament sensors for gases and vapours. Jin, G., Norrish, J., Too, C.O., Wallace, G.G. Current Applied Physics 2004, 4 (2-4), 366-369.
  9. Photoluminescence and photo-redox reactions of poly(2-methoxyaniline-5-sulfonic acid). Kane-Maguire, L.A.P., Causley, J.A., Kane-Maguire, N.A.P., Wallace, G.G. Current Applied Physics 2004, 4, 394-397.
  10. Gold Recovery Using Inherently Conducting Polymer Coated Textiles. Tsekouras, G., Ralph, S.F., Price, W.E., Wallace, G.G. Fibers and Polymers 2004, 5 (1), 1-5.
  11. Electroless recovery of gold chloride using inherently conducting polymers. Ding, J., Price, W.E., Ralph, S.F., Wallace, G.G. Polymer International 2004, 53, 681-687.
  12. An integrated electrochemical sensor-actuator system. Andrews, M.K., Jansen, M.L., Spinks, G.M., Zhou, D., Wallace, G.G. Sensors and ActuatorsA 2004, 114, 65-72.
  13. Studies of double layer capacitance and electron transfer at a gold electrode exposed to protein solutions Moulton, S.E., Barisci, J.N., Bath, A., Stella, R., Wallace, G.G. Electrochimica Acta 2004, 49, 4223-4230.
  14. Electrochemical modulation of antigen-antibody binding. Gooding, J., Wasiowych, C., Barnett, D., Hibbert, D.B., Barisci, J.N., Wallace, G.G. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2004, 20, 260-268.
  15. Electrochemical synthesis of polypyrrole in ionic liquids. Pringle, J.M., Efthimiadis, J., Howlett, P.C., Efthimiadis, J., MacFarlane, D.R., Chaplin, A.B., Hall, S.B., Officer, D.L., Forsyth, M., Wallace, G.G. Polymer 2004, 45, 1447-1453.
  16. In situ formed processable polypyrrole nanoparticle/amphiphilic elastomer composites and their properties. Lee, E.S., Park, J.H., Bae, Y.H., Wallace, G.G. Polymer International 2004, 53, 400-405.
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