IPRI Publications


Journal Articles 1996

  1. Controlled continuous production of conducting polypyrrole Tapes I: process control development.
    Innis, P., Unsworth, J., Norton, G., Conn, C., Ediriweera, R., Wallace, G.G.
    Polymer Adv. Tech. 1996, 7, 442-450.
  2. Facile Synthesis of Optically-Active Polyaniline and Polytoluidine
    Majidi, M.R., Kane-Maguire, L.A.P., Wallace, G.G.
    Polymer 1996, 37, 359-362.
  3. Communicating with the Building Blocks of Life Using Advanced Macromolecular Transducers
    Wallace, G.G. in "Advanced Biomaterials in Biomedical Engineering and Drug Delivery Systems"
    Spinger, New York, 1996, p13-17.
  4. Detection of Cytochrome C Using a Conducting Polymer Mediator Containing Electrode.
    Lu, W., Zhao, H., Wallace, G.G.
    Electroanalysis 1996, 8, 248-251.
  5. Characterisation of Polyaniline Using Chromatographic Studies.
    Chriswanto, H., Wallace, G.G.
    Chromatographia 1996, 42, 191-198.
  6. Effect of Thermal Treatment on the Electroactivity of Polyaniline
    Ansari R., Price, W.E., Wallace, G.G.
    Polymer 1996, 37, 917-923.
  7. Microelectrode and Microarray Conducting Polymer Based Sensing Systems.
    Imisides, M.D., John, R., Wallace, G.G.
    Chem Tech. 1996, May, 19-25.
  8. Conducting Polymers and the Bioanalytical Sciences: New Tools for Biomolecular Communications
    Adeloju, S.B., Wallace, G.G.
    Analyst 1996, 121, 699-703.
  9. Studies into the Preparation & Analytical Application of Polypyrrole Coated Microelectrodes for Determination of Aluminium.
    Barisci, J.N., Murray, P.C., Small, C.J., Wallace, G.G.
    Electroanalysis 1996, 8, 330-335.
  10. Bulk electropolymerization of alkylpyrroles
    Ashraf, S.A., Chen, F., Too, C.O., Wallace, G.G.
    Polymer 1996, 37, 2811-2819.
  11. Development of a conducting polymer-based microelectrode array detection system.
    John, R., Wallace, G.G. and Ongarato, D.
    Electroanal. 1996, 8, 623.
  12. Conducting Polymer Sensors - A Review.
    Barisci, J.N., Conn, C., Wallace, G.G.
    Trends in Polymer Science 1996, 4, 307-311.
  13. Redox Chromatography Using Polypyrrole as a Stationary Phase.
    Chriswanto, H., Wallace, G.G.
    Journal of Liquid Chromatography 1996, 19, 2457-2476.
  14. Parameters Influencing transport across conducting electroactive polymer membranes.
    Zhao, H., Price, W.E., Too, C.O., Wallace, G.G., Zhou, D.
    J. Memb. Sci. 1996, 119, 199-212.
  15. Electroimmobilisation of sulfite oxidase into a polypyrrole film and its utilisation for flow amperometric detection of sulphite
    Adeloju, S.B., Barisci, J.N., Wallace, G.G.
    Anal. Chim. Acta 1996, 332, 145-153.
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