IPRI Publications


Journal Articles 1998

  1. Electrochemical Synthesis of Optically Active Polyanilines.
    Majidi, M.R., Kane-Maguire, L.A.P., Wallace, G.G.
    Aust. J. Chem. 1998, 51, 23-30.
  2. Use of Prussian Blue/Conducting Polymer Modified Electrodes for the Detection of Cytochrome C.
    Lu, W., Wallace, G.G., Karayakin, A.A.
    Electroanal. 1998, 10(7), 472-476.
  3. Enzymatic sensor based on conducting polymer coatings on metallised membranes
    Lu, W., Zhou, D., Wallace, G.G.
    Analytical Communications 1998, 35, 245-248.
  4. Factors Affecting the Electrochemical Formation of Polypyrrole - Nitrate Colloids
    Aboutanos, V., Barisci, J.N., Innis, P.C., Wallace, G.G.
    Colloids and Surfaces, A 1998, 137 (1-3), 295-300.
  5. Electrochemical Formation of Chiral Polyaniline Colloids Codoped with (+)- or (-)-10-Camphorsulfonic Acid and Polystyrene Sulfonate
    Innis, P.C., Norris, I.D., Kane-Maguire, L.A.P., Wallace, G.G.
    Macromolecules 1998, 31 (19), 6521-6528.
  6. Thermochromism in Optically Active Polyaniline Salts
    Norris, I.D., Kane-Maguire, L.A.P., Wallace, G.G.
    Macromolecules 1998, 31 (19), 6529-6533.
  7. Characterisation and analytical use of a polypyrrole electrode containing anti-human serum albumin
    Barisci, J.N., Hughes, D., Minett, A., Wallace, G.G.
    Analytica Chimica Acta 1998, 371, 39-48.
  8. Electrochemical induced ductile-brittle transition in tosylate doped (pTS) polypyrrole
    Burford, R.P., Murray, P., Spinks, G.M., Wallace, G.G.
    Synth. Met. 1998, 97 (2), 117-121.
  9. Synthesis, characterisation and transport properties of layered conducting electroactive polypyrrole membranes
    Zhao, H., Price, W.E., Wallace, G.G.
    J. Memb. Sci. 1998, 148, 161-172.
  10. Polypyrrole/poly(2-methoxyaniline-5-sulfonic acid) polymer composite
    Zhao, H., Wallace, G.G.
    Polymer Gels and Networks 1998, 6, 233-245.
  11. Protein Detection Using Conducting Polymer Microarrays
    Lu, W., Nguyen, T.A., Wallace, G.G.
    Electroanalysis 1998, 10 (16), 1101-1107.
  12. Effective diffusion of electroactive species on hydrogel modified ultramicroelectrodes
    Yuan, Y.J., John, R., Adeloju, S.B., Wallace, G.G.
    Polymer Gels and Networks 1998, 6, 383-391.
  13. Synthesis and Polymerization of Chiral Acrylamidosulfonic Acids
    Ashraf, S.A., Kane-Maguire, L.A.P., Pyne, S.G., Wallace, G.G.
    Macromolecules 1998, 31 (25), 8737-8743.
  14. Conducting Polymers as a Basis for Responsive Materials Systems
    Barisci, J.N., Lewis, T.W., Spinks, G.M., Too, C.O., Wallace, G.G.
    Journal of Intelligent Materials Systems and Structures 1998, 9, 723-731.
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