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2010 Publications

Journal Articles 

  1. Nanostructured carbon electrodes,  Wallace, G.G., Chen, J., Li, D., Moulton, S.E., Razal, J.M. Journal of Materials Chemistry 2010, 20, 3553-3562.  IF=4.795
  2. Chiral conducting polymers, Kane-Maguire, L.A.P., Wallace, G.G. Chemical Society Reviews 2010, 39 (7), 2545-2576.  IF=20.09
  3. Highly efficient sensitizers for dye-sensitized photocathodes and tandem solar cells,  A. Nattestad, A.J. Mozer, M. K. R. Fischer, Y.-B. Cheng, A. Mishra, P. Bäuerle and U. Bach. Nature Materials 2010, 9, 31. IF=23.1
  4. Injection Limitations in a Series of Porphyrin Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, Dos Santos, T., Morandeira, A., Koops, S., Mozer, A.J., Tsekouras, G., Dong, Y., Wagner, P., Wallace, G., Earles, J.C., Gordon, K.C., Officer, D., Durrant, J.R. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2010, 114, 3276-3279.   IF=4.224
  5. Photolithographic patterning of conducting polyaniline films via flash welding, Henderson, R.D., Breadmore, M.C., Dennany, L., Guijt, R.M., Haddad, P.R., Hilder, E.F., Innis, P.C., Lewis, T.W., Wallace, G.G. Synthetic Metals 2010, 160, 1405-1409.   IF=1.901
  6. The mechanical and the electrical properties of conducting polypyrrole fibers, Foroughi, J., Ghorbani, S.R., Peleckis, G., Spinks, G.M., Wallace, G.G., Wang, X.L., Dou, S.X. Journal of Applied Physics 2010, 107, 103712-1 -103712-4.   IF=2.072
  7. Charge Transport in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Flame-made TiO2 Nanoparticles, G. Tsekouras, M. Miyashita, Y. K. Kho, W. Y. Teoh, A. J. Mozer, R. Amal, S. Mori, G. G. Wallace. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 2010, 16, 6, 1641.
  8. The effect of molecule size and shape on free charge generation, transport and recombination in all-thiophene dendrimer:fullerene bulk heterojunctions,  Mozer, A.J., Ma, C.-Q., Wong, W.W.H., Jones, D.J., Bauerle, P., Wallace, G.G. Organic Electronics 2010, 11, 573-582.   IF=3.262
  9. Functionalised polyterthiophenes as anode materials in polymer/polymer batteries, Wang, C.Y., Tsekouras, G., Wagner, P., Gambhir, S., Too, C.O., Officer, D., Wallace, G.G.. Synthetic Metals 2010, 160, 76-82.   IF=1.901
  10. Preparation and enhanced stability of flexible supercapacitor prepared from Nafion/Polyaniline nanofiber, Kim, B.C., Kwon, J.S., Ko, J.M., Park, J.H., Too, C.O., Wallace, G.G. Synthetic Metals 2010, 160, 94-98   IF=1.901
  11. Conducting polymers, dual neurotrophins and pulsed electrical stimulation – Dramatic effects on neurite outgrowth, Thompson, B.C., Richardson, R.T., Moulton, S.E., Evans, A.J., O’Leary, S., Clark, G.M., Wallace, G.G. Journal of Controlled Release 2010, 141, 161-167   IF=5.949
  12. EPR characterization of platinum nanoparticle functionalized carbon nanotube hybrid materials.  Dennany, Lynn; Sherrell, Peter; Chen, Jun; Innis, Peter C.; Wallace, Gordon G.; Minett, Andrew I.  Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2010, 12(16), 4135-4141.  IF: 4.166
  13. Crosslinking neat ultrathin films and nanofibres of pH-responsive poly(acrylic acid) by UV radiation, Gestos, A., Whitten, P.G., Spinks, G.M., Wallace, G.G, Soft Matter 2010, 6, 1045-1052. IF=4.869
  14. Physical surface and electromechanical properties of doped polypyrrole biomaterials, Gelmi, A., Higgins, M.J., Wallace, G.G. Biomaterials 2010, 31, 1974-1983   IF=7.37
  15. Evaluation of thrust force generated for a robotic fish propelled with polypyrrole actuator, McGovern, S.T., Abbot, M., Emery, R., Alici, G., Truong, V.-T., Spinks, G.M., Wallace, G.G. Polymer International 2010, 59, 357-364   IF=2.137
  16. Flexible and Compressible Goretex - PEDOT Membrane Electrodes for Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells,  Mozer, A.J., Panda, D.K., Gambhir, S., Romeo, T.C., Winther-Jensen, B., Wallace, G.G. Langmuir 2010, 26 (3), 1452-1455.  IF=3.898
  17. Nanostructured aligned CNT platforms enhance the controlled release of a neurotrophic protein from polypyrrole, Thompson, B.C., Chen, J., Moulton, S.E., Wallace, G.G. Nanoscale 2010, 2, 499-501. IF in June 2011
  18. Polyterthiophene as an electrostimulated controlled drug release material of therapeutic levels of dexamethasone, Stevenson, G., Moulton, S.E., Innis, P.C., Wallace, G.G. Synthetic Metals 2010, 160, 1107-1114.   IF=1.901
  19. Guidance of neurite outgrowth on aligned electrospun polypyrrole/poly(styrene-β-isobutylene-β-styrene) fiber platforms, Liu, X., Chen, J., Gilmore, K.J., Higgins, M.J., Liu, Y., Wallace, G.G. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part A 2010, 94A, 1004-1011.  IF=3.318
  20. Wireless aquatic navigator for detection and analysis (WANDA), Fay, C., Lau, K.-T., Beirne, S., Conaire, C., McGuinness, K., Corcoran, B., O’Connor, N.E., Diamond, D., McGovern, S., Coleman, G., Shepherd, R., Alici, G., Spinks, G., Wallace, G. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 2010, 150, 425-435.  IF=3.083
  21. Electromechanical coupling in polypyrrole sensors and actuators, Shoa, T., Madden, J.D.W., Mirfakhrai, T., Alici, G., Spinks, G.M., Wallace, G.G. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 2010, 161, 127-133.  IF=1.67
  22. Harvesting Waste Thermal Energy Using a Carbon-Nanotube-Based Thermo-Electrochemical Cell, Hu, R., Cola, B.A., Haram, N., Barisci, J.N., Lee, S., Stoughton, S., Wallace, G., Too, C., Thomas, M., Gestos, A., dela Cruz, M.E., Ferraris, J.P., Zakhidov, A.A., Baughman, R.H. Nano Letters 2010, 10, 838-846.  IF=9.991
  23. Creating conductive structures for cell growth: Growth and alignment of myogenic cell types on polythiophenes, Breukers, R.D., Gilmore, K.J., Kita, M., Wagner, K.K., Higgins, M.J., Moulton, S.E., Clark, G.M., Officer, D.L., Kapsa, R.M.I., Wallace, G.G. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part A 2010, 95A, 256-268. IF=3.318
  24. Novel ACNT arrays based MEA structure-nano-Pt loaded ACNT/Nafion/ACNT for fuel cell applications Zhang, W., Chen, J., Minett, A.I., Swiegers, G.F., Too, C.O., Wallace, G.G. Chemical Communications 2010, 46, 4284-4286.   IF=5.504
  25. Dispersing Carbon Nanotubes with Graphene Oxide in Water and Synergistic Effects between Graphene Derivatives,  Qiu, L., Yang, X., Gou, X., Yang, W., Ma, Z.-F., Wallace, G.G., Li, D. Chemistry A European Journal 2010, 16, 10653-10658.   IF=5.382Conducting gel-fibres based on carrageenan, chitosan and carbon nanotubes, Granero, A.J., Razal, J.M., Wallace, G.G., in het Panhuis, M. Journal of Materials Chemistry 2010, 20, 7953-7956.  IF=4.795 
  26. Inside Cover page article (issue 37, 2010).
  27. Printing conducting polymers, B. Weng, R. L. Shepherd, K. Crowley, A. J. Killard and G. G. Wallace. Analyst, 2010, 135, 2779-2789.   IF=3.761
  28. The citrate-mediated shape evolution of transforming photomorphic silver nanoparticles,   Lee, George P.; Bignell, Lindsey J.; Romeo, Tony C.; Razal, Joselito M.; Shepherd, Roderick L.; Chen, Jun; Minett, Andrew I.; Innis, Peter C.; Wallace, Gordon G.    Chemical Communications (Cambridge, United Kingdom) 2010, 46(41), 7807-7809.  IF=5.504
  29. ESR, Raman, and Conductivity Studies on Fractionated Poly(2-methoxyaniline-5-sulfonic acid), Dennany, Lynn; Innis, Peter C.; Masdarolomoor, Fatemeh; Wallace, Gordon G. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2010, 114(7), 2337-2341.  IF: 4.166
  30. Electrochemical investigation of carbon nanotube nanoweb architecture in biological media, D. Antiohos, S.E. Moulton, A.I. Minett, G.G. Wallace, J. Chen. Electrochemistry Communications 2010. DOI:10.1016/j.elecom.2010.08.009.  IF=4.243
  31. Ion effects in REDOX cycling of conducting polymer based electrochromic materials, Orawan Winther-Jensen, Satyen Desai, Roderick L. Shepherd, Peter C. Innis, Bjorn Winther-Jensen, Maria Forsyth, Gordon G. Wallace, Douglas R. MacFarlane. Electrochem Commun. 2010, 12 (11) 1505-1508.  IF=4.243
  32. Electroactivity and biocompatibility of polypyrrole-hyaluronic acid multi-walled carbon nanotube composite, Pelto, J.; Haimi, S.; Puukilainen, E.; Whitten, P. G.; Spinks, G. M.; Bahrami-Samani, M.; Ritala, M.; Vuorinen, T. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A 2010, 93A(3), 1056-1067.  IF=3.318
  33. Indanedione – Substituted Poly(terthiophene)s: Processible Conducting Polymers with Intramolecular Charge  Transfer Interactions, K. Wagner, L. L. Crowe, P. Wagner, S. Gambhir, A. C. Partridge, J. Earles, T. M. Clarke, K. C. Gordon, D. L. Officer. Macromolecules 2010, 43, 3817-3827  IF=4.539
  34. Ionic liquid electrolyte porphyrin dye sensitised solar cells, Armel, V., J. M. Pringle, Forsyth, M., MacFarlane, D. R., Officer, D. L.,  Wagner, P., Chem Commun (Camb) 2010, 46(18), 3146-3148.  IF=5.504
  35. Solar Driven Water Oxidation by a Manganese Molecular Catalyst Inspired by Photosystem II, Brimblecombe, R.; Koo, A.; Dismukes, G. C.; Swiegers, G. F.; Spiccia, L.  J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2010, 132, 2892  IF=8.580
  36. A Method for Monitoring Ink Homogeneity, Luo, X.; Balakrishnan, S.; Swiegers, G. F. Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology  2010, 24, 635 (Invited Contribution (Swiegers): Feature Issue on “Adhesion Aspects in Printing”).
  37. A Tandem Water-Splitting Device Based on a Bio-inspired Manganese Catalyst, Brimblecombe, R.; Koo, A.; Dismukes, G. C.; Swiegers, G. F.; Spiccia, L. Chemistry and Sustainability, Energy and Materials – ChemSusChem 2010, 3, 1146. IF=4.767
  38. Fabrication of polyaniline-based gas sensors using piezoelectric inkjet and screen printing for the detection of hydrogen sulphide, Crowley, K., Morrin, A., Shepherd, R., in het Panhuis, M., Wallace, G.G., Smyth, M.R., Killard, A.J. IEEE Sensors 2010, 10, 1419 – 1426. IF=1.58
  39. Gel-carbon nanotube materials: the relationship between nanotube network connectivity and conductivity, N. Songmee, P. Singjai and M. in het Panhuis. Nanoscale 2010, 2, 1740-1745.  No impact factor.
  40. A Method for Monitoring Ink Homogeneity, Luo, X.; Balakrishnan, S.; Swiegers, G. F. Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 2010, 24, 635.  
  41. Microwave-assisted synthesis of Pt/CNT nanocomposite electrocatalysts for PEM fuel cells, Zhang, W., Chen, J., Swiegers, G.F., Ma, Z.-F., Wallace, G.G. Nanoscale 2010, 2, 282-286.  No impact factor.
  42. Microsecond dye regeneration kinetics in efficient solid state dye-sensitized solar cells using a photo-electrochemically deposited PEDOT hole conductor, Mozer, A.J., Panda, D.K., Gambhir, S., Winther-Jensen, B., Wallace, G.G. J. American Chemical Society 2010, 132, 9543–9545. IF=8.580
  43. Direct scattered growth of MWNT on Si for high performance anode materials in Li-ion batteries, Pengfei Gao, Yanna Nuli, Yu-shi He, Jiazhao Wang, Andrew I. Minett, Jun Yang and Jun Chen. Chemical Communications (Advanced article) 2010, 46, 9149-9151   IF= 5.340
  44. Advanced microwave-assisted production of hybrid electrodes for energy applications, Peter C. Sherrell, Jun Chen, Joselito M. Razal, Ivan P. Nevirkovets, Carol Crean, Gordon G. Wallace and Andrew I. Minett. Energy & Environ. Sci. 2010, 3, 1979-1984.  IF=8.50
  45. Significant performance improvement of porphyrin-sensitised TiO2 solar cells under prolonged illumination, Wagner, K., Griffith, M.J., James, M., Mozer, A.J., Wagner, P., Triani, G., Officer, D.L., Wallace, G.G. J. Phys. Chem. C 2010, 115, 317-326. IF: 4.224
  46. A Multi-Stable Linear Actuation Mechanism Based on Artificial Muscles, R. Mutlu and G. Alici, ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, November 2010, 132 (11). dx.doi.org/10.1115/1.4002661 IF=0.869
  47. Artificial muscles with adjustable stiffness, R. Mutlu and G. Alici, Journal of Smart Materials and Structures, 19 (4), 045004, April 2010. doi: 10.1088/0964-1726/19/4/045004. IF=1.749
  48. Inversion-based Feedforward Control of Polypyrrole Trilayer Bender Actuators, S. W. John, G. Alici, and C. D. Cook, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, February 2010, 15 ( 1) 149-156. IF=2.331
  49. Electroactive Polymer Actuators: From Lab to Market, F. Carpi, H.E. Kiil, R. Kornbluh, P. Sommer-Larsen, and G. Alici, Actuator 2010, 12th International Conference on New Actuators Bremen, Germany, 14–16 June 2010, 405 – 417.
  50. Imaging of Human Lens Lipids by Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry, S.R. Ellis, C. Wu, J.M. Deeley, X. Zhuc, R.J.W. Truscott, M. in het Panhuis, R.G. Cooks, T.W. Mitchell, S.J. Blanksby. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom. 2010 Dec, 21(12), 2095-104. IF=3.391
  51. Gel Electrolytes with Ionic Liquid Plasticiser for Electrochromic Devices, S. Desai, R.L. Shepherd, P.C. Innis, P. Murphy, C. Hall, R. Fabretto and G.G. Wallace.  Electrochimica Acta 2010 IF=3.325 Published online doi:10.1016/j.electacta.2010.10.030
Last reviewed: 16 March, 2011