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Dr Klaudia Wagner Klaudia Wagner 250 250


MSc (Hons) ChE ( Inorganic Chemistry, SUoT, Gliwice, Poland)

PhD (Physical Chemistry and Technology of Polymers, SUoT, Gliwice, Poland)

Research interests:

  • PhD (Poland) - Electrochemical determination of selected heave metals
  • Postdoctoral (New Zealand) - Electrochemical synthesis and characterisation of polythiophene derivatives
  • IPRI
    - Dye-sensitized solar cell, device fabrication / optimisation (Member of the CRC-P project for organic photovoltaic)
    - ITO surface modification with Porphyrin
    - Polythiophene - platform for muscle cell culture.

Key publications:

1. Wayne M. Campbell, Kenneth W. Jolley, Pawel Wagner, Klaudia Wagner, Penny J. Walsh, Keith C. Gordon, Lukas Schmidt-Mende, Mohammad K. Nazeeruddin, Qing Wang, Michael Gratzel, and David L. Officer, Highly Efficient Porphyrin Sensitizers for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells; The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters C, 111 (2007) 11760-11762

2. J. M. Pringle, M. Forsyth, D. R. MacFarlane, K. Wagner, S. B. Hall, D. L. Officer; The Influence of the Monomer and the Ionic Liquid on the Electrochemical Preparation of Polythiophene, Polymer 46 (2005) 2047

3. S. Gambhir, K. Wagner, D.L. Officer, Towards functionalised terthiophene-based polymers; Synthetic Metals, 154 (2005) 117

4. K. Wagner, J. Strojek, K. Kozieł Electrochemical and microgravimetric investigations of lead, cadmium and copper deposition and stripping on solid electrodes Electroanalysis, 15, 5-6 (2003) 392

5. K. Wagner, J. Strojek, K. Kozieł EQCM studies of lead (II) deposition and stripping in the presence of copper on a gold electrode modified with 2,2 - bipyridyl in polyaniline; Analytica Chimica Acta, 455 (2002) 69.

Email address:
Phone number :
+61 2 4298 4351
Fax number : 61 2 4298 1477
Office number:
AIIM 231.217

Last reviewed: 29 September, 2014