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Dr Robert Gorkin Robert Gorkin 250 250


BS Engineering Physics, University of Pittsburgh

MS / PhD Biomedical Engineering, University of California – Irvine

Research Interests

My research focuses on advancing micro and nano technologies for practical use in healthcare, energy and industrial applications. I have a diverse background with a strong grounding in BioMEMS and Lab-on-a-Chip platforms, which includes experience in medical device design and fabrication for analysis systems based on molecular, immunoassay and cell-based diagnostics. Currently, my work includes establishing fundamentally new material processing methods for novel polymers and biomolecules. These projects are based on state-of-the-art inkjet, extrusion, spray coating and other deposition techniques and have a wide spectrum of utilization in such areas as automotive, solar, and bionics. Additionally, I am assisting the IPRI to develop commercially viable rapid prototyping systems that will enable the adoption of advanced materials in established manufacturing settings.

Recent Publications

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Phone: +61 2 4221 5715

Office: AIIM 112D

Last reviewed: 3 June, 2014